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Talismans, tools, and supplies for the Magickally-minded. Each is handcrafted and charged under optimal astrological conditions. We believe the sacred objects that support your practice should be both powerful and beautiful.

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Mission Statement 

Nui Cobalt Designs brings Planetary Magick and Crystal Healing into synergy. We craft each talisman by hand under select Astrological auspices. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind, some are part of a limited series and frequently, due to the constantly changing nature of celestial influences, they cannot be replicated.

Please handle with kindness and care, as the living spirit of each talisman is inclined to treat its keeper as it is being treated. Additionally, handcrafted jewelry is fragile, so we do not recommend wearing it while performing manual labor, exercising, bathing, or sleeping.

About the Artist

Crystals, gems and minerals have always fascinated me. There was never a time when I didn't wonder at the light refraction in the depths of a diamond or the smooth elegance of a single pearl. Once I learned about the healing effect of stones, I was all the more eager to study, collect, and combine them.

I've worked professionally in the field of Esoteric Science for 17 years and researched various forms of Magick, meditation and philosophy for 28 years. While earning my Master's degree in Dance, I explored holistic healing, integrative medicine, and the energetic connection of body, mind, spirit and emotion. This is also where I saw the true diagnostic and remedial potential of Astrology.

I hope you find a source of support in the work that we do. Thanks for taking the time to connect with us.

- Forest